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National Office Week in Review: Jan. 6, 2016

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the FAR operations will be precedent setting for future UAS operations at civilian airp orts, so it is important that the policies and procedures put in place at SYR and FAR are so lid. NATCA has requested a joint workgroup with the FAA to review the proposed operations and help these facilities craft the basis for their respective Letters of A greement with their ANG units. The results of this work group will also form the basis for an SMS panel. NATCA OSHA UPDATE FAA OSH Program: • The Agency is still working to create a cohesive O SH program for the entire FAA. The main backbone behind the n ew program was to be 3900.19c. This revision was due to be published by the end of this yea r (2015). Unfortunately, EOSH Services (AJW - 23) has decided not to tackle the hard Roles and Responsibilities section so they st ripped it out of the document. The new r evised order will be out for comment in the first half of 2016 . • POC: Mike Odryna • Weekly Meetings: • Continuing weekly meeting with Kathleen Edic (AJW - 23 - A) EOSH Services. • Committee Membership: • We have recently had a new ad dition to our committee: Dan Sherrit t from DSM ATCT. He will be re presenting the Central Region. We still have vacancies in both the Southwest and Great Lakes Regions. • POC: Mike Odryna • Asbestos Joint Order: • Participating in a working group to revise the ATO Asbestos Joint Order. • POC: Mike Od ryna, Dominic Petrelli • EOSH Council: • In August 2012, NATCA , in collaboration with ATO LR , formed a working group to tackle OSH issues that arise at our facilities. After 7 productive meetings over the past 3 years, the Agency has de cided to no longer suppo rt it. • The groups had tackled many issues such as developing new Mold IAQ Guidance and putting in place an OSH communications channel between TechOps and Air Traffic at the Service Center Level. • We will be working with the Agency to regain support for this team. • POC: Mike Odryna, Nicole Vitale, Phil Barbarello • Draft UCR Order: • Revi ewing the new Draft UCR order. The revision ensures that if a UCR is used to report a safety issue, it comports with OSHA Compliance requirements. • POC: Mike Odryna, Domin ic Petrel li, and Larry Trottini • Draft Reprisal Order:

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