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National Office Week in Review: Jan. 6, 2016

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• The reprisal workgroups accepted recommendation is currently going through the process to become FAA policy. Once all the coordination has been completed and a policy is signed, training will begin in the field. • The following e - mail address and phone number can be used by anybody to report any accusations of reprisal. • By email: OSHReprisalReports@FAA.GOV or by phone: 866.276. 5908 • POC: Mike Odryna, Domi nic Petrelli , and Nicole Vitale • National OSHECCOM: • The National OSHECCOM's next meeting is scheduled for Marc h 16th and 17th in Washington. Should you have any Issues that you feel should be addressed by the National OSHECCOM, please contact your Regio nal NATCA OSHA R epresentative. • POC: Mike Odryna, Dominic Petrelli, L arry Trottini • PAD program: • We are still working on funding for faci lities with 10 or more people. Currently it is only funded f or facilities with 50 or more. • NATCA will also be awarding the He lping Hearts award at CFS 2016. The award will go to the fa cility that has the highest percentage of train ed AED Responders at the end of 2015. • POC: Mike Odryna • Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) AVS/AIR: • Working on signing an MOU with the agency to define a working r elationship for NATCA to work with AIR to develop a hearing conservation program. • POC: Mike Collins, Mike Odryna, Domi nic Petrelli, and Nicole Vitale • OSHA6000 Training for OSHECCOM: • OSHA has taken the OSHA 6000 onlin e class off - line for updating. OSHA6000 training is a requirement to be accomplished within 6 months of being appointed to an OSHECCOM. OSHA states their revised class will not be a vailable until the end of 2016. In the meantime, EOSH Service is looking for funding for several face - to - face OSHA6 000 classes. If they find funding, there will be several c lasses throughout the country. If not, the National OSHECCOM may meet to address the issue and agree on a solution. • POC: Mike Odryna, Domin ic Petrelli, and Larry Trottini • Current issues being worked by the committee. • CMI: Active Shooter Training • ILM: Mold/IAQ • SAT: Mold/IAQ • FAI: Water Leaks • AUS: Flooding • LAX/MIDO: OSHA Citations after inspection. • Alaska FSS: Housing

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