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National Office Week in Review: September 7, 2016

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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL WEEK IN REVIEW August 20 - September 2 , 2016 IN THIS ISSUE (Click on each topic and sub - topic to be taken directly to those sections): GENERAL COUNSEL Updates to the NATCA Expense Reimbursement Policy LABOR RELATIONS Mandatory Leave Usage National Grievance (RVA) International Travel Policy National Grievance (Serco ) Boston Medical Field Office Clo sure ODA Scorecard Initiative Surveys GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS Congressional Schedule Sept. 30th Deadline For Government Funding Lame Duck Congress Looking Ahead To 115th Congress COMMUNICATIONS NATCA Convention: Links To Full Coverage Update From the Public Affairs Sh op New Video: Where NATCA Stands on Shaping Our Own Future The 13th Annual Archie League Medal Of Safety Awards The Second Annual NATCA National Professionalism Awards The Website ; What's New, Where You Can Find Important Info. Why Is The NATCA Portal So Important? Other Ways to Stay Informed About Your Union (including social media, email alerts) Get Breaking News Directly From Us The Communications Department – We're Here To Help WEEKLY MESSAGE FROM FAA ATO COO TERI BRISTOL A ug. 26, 2016: What's Next for UAS? Sept. 2, 2016: A Culture of Collaboration MEMBERSHIP AND MARKETING NATCA Store Item Of The Week: Briefcase Membe r Portal Benefits Spotlight: GEICO + NATCA = A Win For You! Cambridge Corner: 2016 FEGLI Open Season Upcoming Retirement Seminars NATCA EDGE Web - Ba sed Retirement Seminars - Designed Exclusively For NATCA Members! SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY

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