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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL UPDATE April 29 - May 12 , 2018 LABOR RELATIONS DEPARTMENT GUIDANCE FOR ASSIGNING GHOST PILOT/REMOTE PILOT OPERATOR (RPO) DUTIES TO BARGAINING UNIT EMPLOYEES On May 1, 2018, the Collaborative Steering Committee (CSC) adopted a uniform process for assigning Air Traffic Control (ATC) Bargaining Unit Employees (BUEs) to perform Ghost Pilot/Remote Pilot Operator (RPO) duties. Background In accordance with Article 114 of the Parties' 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), a collaborative workgroup was established to review existing practices concerning BUE performance of RPO duties. Additionally, the workgroup was tasked with developing recommendations for a national policy for all air traffic facilities concerning t he use of BUEs to perform RPO duties. The following guidance outlines the procedures for implementation at all air traffic control facilities that utilize, or may utilize, BUEs for RPO Duties. Guidance When other resources are not available and a need ex ists for a BUE to perform the technical functions associated with RPO duties, the following must be considered: In accordance with Article 45 of the 2016 CBA, temporarily disabled or incapacitated BUEs: Developmental/CPC - IT assigned to the training depar tment and specifically participating in scenarios for their own class and/or as otherwise collaboratively agreed upon. The Parties may solicit for volunteers. Among the volunteers, the Parties shall collaboratively identify the BUEs to be utilized. In ac cordance with Article 17 of the 2016 CBA: The duration of these assignments shall not be indefinite and should be consistent with the temporary nature of the activities, and; Employees performing theses duties shall not be temporarily assigned to another o rganizational segment and are subject to operational recall. A BUE shall not normally be used to perform RPO duties during a pass/fail scenario unless it is collaboratively agreed upon on an individual basis at the local level . When it is determined that BUEs are needed to perform the technical functions associated with RPO duties, the following training requirements must be met: Training to perform RPO duties will be in accordance with applicable FAA course(s). Training and certification equivalent to th at of a contracted RPO shall be obtained prior to performing RPO duties. Those facilities that do not have contracted RPOs shall utilize

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