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National Office Week in Review: June 8, 2016

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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL WEEK IN REVIEW May 28 - June 3 , 2016 IN THIS ISSUE (Click on each topic and sub - topic to be taken directly to those sections): IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THE RATIFICATION VOTING PROCESS FOR THE 2016 TENTATIVE CBA LABOR RELATIONS NATCA Adds New Facilities To The Serco CBA NATCA Meets With The FAA Again Regarding Ongoing FAATP Renegotiations MEDXPRESS MOU Signed Clearance Relay And IFR Flight Cancellations Briefing Briefing Requests GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS Congressional Schedule NA TCA Continues To Educate Congress About Staffing Crisis Another FAA Extension On The Horizon Appropriations Update THUD Funding COMMUNI CATIONS 2016 Tentative CBA – Go to For All Information FAA Funding And Reform: Making A Strong Case For Why The Status Quo Is Unacceptable Wall Street Journal In terviews Paul After The Panel NATCA EVP Trish Gilbert At New Charlotte Tower Groundbreaking NATCA in Washington Introducing The New NATCA BBS (Bulletin Board System) Attention FacReps, And All NATCA Local Representatives Other Ways to Stay Informed About Your Union (including social media, email alerts) The Communications Department – We're Here To Help WEEKLY MESSAGE FROM FAA ATO COO TERI BRISTOL Partnering for Progress MEMBERSHIP AND MARKETING What's New At The NATCA Store? NATCA Beachside Spa Towel Benefits Spotlight: GEICO + NATCA = A Win For You! Cambridge Corner: Top 10 Things Not To Do In Retirement Upcoming Retirement Seminars NATCA Edge - Designed exclusively for NATCA members! SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY Human Performance NextGen

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